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What Our Clients Say

  • “Jaime has been influential in the development of my professional and personal life. Modern healthcare is a challenge between clinical and administrative entities. Jaime has been able to lead me in the development of internal knowledge, leadership style, and how to cross the clinical and administrative divide present in healthcare.

    He has a style which puts you at ease but will also challenge you for authenticity during the very challenging exploration of your leadership journey. He allows you to develop the skills to understand the how's and why’s of your personal decision-making and choices.  Jaime is at your side and supports you throughout the entire process. His input and facilitation of the program is highly personalized. I appreciated that standardized responses, which can be given in these moments, are not present in Jamie’s repertoire. Jaime’s executive coaching, analysis, and 360 evaluation have allowed me to develop quickly into an insightful leader who is as comfortable in the boardroom as I am on the wards of the hospital. I cannot express enough my support and recommendation for Jaime and his team at ExecuQuest for what he can do for both new and seasoned leaders and organizations."

    Dr. Darren Caudill
    Indiana University Health
    Dr. Darren Caudill <br> Indiana University Health
  • “Jaime is an extremely talented executive coach and organizational design and management development consultant. I have used him personally and for three different executive teams. In each instance, he has been broadly accepted and respected, and delivered excellent results. I recommend him with no reservations.”

    Valerie Brown, CEO
    Cetera Financial Group
    Valerie Brown, CEO <br> Cetera Financial Group
  • “Jaime is a broad-based organizational consultant who has provided a variety of services to me across a number of organizations for whom I have worked over the past twenty years. He has delivered executive coaching, custom surveys, 360° feedback tools, and more.

    Jaime has a wonderful blend of deep, technical expertise, corporate work experience, and a successful track record as a business consultant. I have worked in corporate settings that have elements of a highly creative environment and Jaime has successfully bridged both worlds. I would strongly recommend Jaime.”

    Liz Dunlap, Chief People Officer
    Panera Bread
    Liz Dunlap, Chief People Officer <br> Panera Bread
  • “Jaime has impacted my professional and personal life in an extraordinary way. Jaime has the brilliance of the very best in his profession and the down-to-earth style that creates understanding and effectiveness. He has compassion without compromise and truly has the impact that you hope for when engaging his services.”

    Alan Palmieri, Former EVP Operations
    Darden Restaurants
    Alan Palmieri, Former EVP Operations <br> Darden Restaurants
  • “Working with Jaime has made a positive difference in my life, both personally and professionally. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him will find himself/herself very fortunate. My relationship with Jaime began when I expressed a desire to progress to the next level of leadership in my organization but was struggling to do so. Jaime and I worked together to develop a plan for feedback collection and self-assessment. Using the information gained, Jaime was able to paint a picture for me about not only where my opportunities existed but what was driving the behavior that took me further from my desired goals.

    Through this new-found understanding of myself, we created a detailed and varied development plan, the first I had in the 20-plus years of my career. I had an 18-month road map that I was empowered to independently execute and to partner on with Jaime as my coach. Working with Jaime has helped me become the leader and more of the person I want to be.”

    Karen McBride, SVP of Human Resources
    Caribou Coffee
    Karen McBride, SVP of Human Resources <br> Caribou Coffee
  • “Jaime and ExecuQuest have made a tremendous difference in our business here at Carestream Molecular Imaging. Three years ago, I was brought in as President to turn around a struggling business. Every business has multiple dimensions and complexities, and understanding all the moving parts and deciding what parts need to be changed and what parts are working is a significant challenge. ExecuQuest worked with me and my leadership team to evaluate our people, our processes, and the tools that we were using to understand exactly where we needed to go in order to turn our business around.

    The business turnaround was almost immediate and, suffice it to say, the pace of our progress was substantially increased with the help of ExecuQuest. Not only did we accelerate the pace, but we achieved our target objectives a year ahead of schedule. ExecuQuest will be an integral part of our next level of planning, execution, and future success.”

    John DelliSanti, Former President
    Carestream Molecular Imaging
    John DelliSanti, Former President <br> Carestream Molecular Imaging
  • “I have had the privilege to work with Jaime over the last two years. During this time, Jaime has helped me in numerous ways. First and foremost, Jaime has helped me remain effective at work while having much healthier relationships outside of work. Jaime suggested reading material for me that helped answer questions that I had been struggling with for a number of years in my career. At the same time, Jaime took the time to understand my work situation well enough to be able to give me guidance on how I could use my strengths while also advising me on how to avoid potential pitfalls with my weaknesses.

    I would recommend Jaime’s services for people who could benefit from nonbiased objective advice/feedback. Jaime has the courage to call a spade a spade while also having the compassion to deliver it in a way that it made me want to listen.”

    David Warter, Senior Winemaker
    E & J Gallo Winery
    David Warter, Senior Winemaker <br> E & J Gallo Winery
  • “I have utilized Jaime’s services as an Executive Coach and for team building with my department and direct reports for over 18 months. As an Executive Coach, Jaime was able to help me understand human behaviors, motivators, and personalities. He helped me discover new ways of thinking, hidden talents, and how to have more meaningful relationships with others.

    Our teambuilding event was an amazing discovery process for the group and the participants. Team members came away understanding themselves, their role, and each other in a cooperative and supportive environment. If you are seeking a highly effective coach for yourself or your team, you won’t find a better coach than Jaime.”

    Carolyn Armitage, Former SVP
    ING Advisors Network
    Carolyn Armitage, Former SVP <br> ING Advisors Network
  • “Jaime’s approach to developing the individual is really more holistic and far-reaching than most in the burgeoning world of Executive Coaching. He begins with the premise that all individuals have inherent strengths, which can be best utilized given the right environment, and are stakeholders in that person’s development.

    This approach is empowering and extremely effective. As an HR executive, I have had business leaders experience the transformational effect of Jaime's coaching style. As a person, I have felt the impact of the focus on strengths and the sometimes jarring, yet exacting questions, he poses and the insight he derives.”

    Samir Gupte, VP of Human Resources
    Darden Restaurants
    Samir Gupte, VP of Human Resources <br> Darden Restaurants
  • “Jaime was the perfect coach during a challenging period in my professional career. His support, reality check, and teachings helped to smooth this time for me, both personally and professionally. His coaching was critical in helping me learn the skills to better cope with stressful situations. The skills learned were life-changing and were a key to a recent promotion.

    Jaime has a low-key way of getting you back to reality and teaching you the skills to better understand yourself and the environment. With his help, I believe my team is much more empowered and my leadership skills are more enhanced. In the end, it was truly a positive experience and I hope to keep Jaime as a life-long &nbsp &nbsp friend.”

    Shelly Kramer, VP Merchandising
    Godiva Chocolatier
    Shelly Kramer, VP Merchandising <br> Godiva Chocolatier
  • "Working with Jaime has simply been a tremendous experience, and something that became obvious in our first five minutes together. His insight into how development opportunities link back to you as a complete person have clearly benefited me professionally and enabled me to build stronger personal relationships inside and outside of the workplace.

    The speed with which Jaime gets to “the heart of the matter,” his ability to figure out exactly how to deliver what is often a difficult message in a meaningful way, and the development discussions that follow, made working with him one of the most memorable experiences I have had in my career to date."

    Chris Scinto, VP Store Development
    Godiva Chocolatier
    Chris Scinto, VP Store Development <br> Godiva Chocolatier
  • “Working with Jaime was a very unique and growth experience. I didn’t know what to expect from a business coach, and I was initially skeptical of my company’s desire for me to work with an outside consultant. Although Jaime did not have any previous experience in the art business, he proved to be a great listener and articulated in a very clear manner the various issues I was dealing with regarding Christie’s organizational culture, especially human interaction and stylistic issues that were affecting my credibility (being French with a different set of assumptions about how to conduct myself in a New York-based company).

    I received feedback about my work and behaviors as well as my stylistic natural tendencies.Through the process, Jaime interviewed various people in the company and gained a great understanding of the company culture and dynamics. He helped me link my natural tendencies, my style, and behaviors in order to effectively impact my performance. The most important part of the experience was the process that Jaime’s intervention triggered inside me; a process of self-reflection and analysis that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Jaime’s approach was not to tell me what to do and what not to do but to help me find my own answers and discover my own path. This was a very fulfilling and, at times, painful experience. I was very fortunate to cross Jaime’s path at this stage in my life.”

    Alex Carel, Post-War and Contemporary Art
    Alex Carel, Post-War and Contemporary Art <br> Christie’s
  • “Jaime helped me to expand the range of my executive leadership from a focus-on-results style to also consciously engage the hearts of my associates. The impact has been a happier, more cohesive team and the results have been excellent. He is very professional, diplomatic, perceptive, and relentless. You will know yourself a lot better over the course of this program.

    I had a good team before I started working with Jaime. After working with me for six months, we expanded the scope of the project to my Executive Team and the focus was on not only getting results, but how you get results. We are definitely a more cohesive group and in the matrix-reporting world I live in, I can say that there is definitely less wear and tear across the organization.”

    Jack Handy, CEO
    ING Financial Network
    Jack Handy, CEO <br> ING Financial Network
  • “The ExecuQuest team consists of skilled professionals who have demonstrated the ability to work effectively at all levels of an organization and across many cultures. Some of the various initiatives that ExecuQuest has supported for us include the following: executive level coaching, 360 degree feedback for the top twenty-five people in the company, and the development and delivery of a custom program to train our global Human Resources team on how to coach and facilitate 360 degree feedback. In all cases, Jaime and the ExecuQuest team delivered outstanding work that went beyond our expectations.

    The executives who participated in coaching universally expressed a high level of satisfaction and impact from their meetings with ExecuQuest. Development plans were formulated and followed through on by each person with ongoing coaching from ExecuQuest. The training of our global HR team by ExecuQuest enabled Reed Elsevier to rapidly deploy the values designed to drive a new culture across all parts of the world.”

    John Myers, CEO/President
    The TRACOM Group
    John Myers, CEO/President <br> The TRACOM Group
  • “Over a period of fifteen years, I utilized the consulting services of ExecuQuest in a variety of situations. I found Jaime and his associates to be extremely responsive, analytical, and very effective in management team building, organizational and individual skill assessment, key personnel recruitment, and establishing effective employee communication programs.

    ExecuQuest tailors its approach to the actual situation at hand, and my experience has been positive, whether during a management crisis or a planned development program to improve the competencies of the management team. Overall, ExecuQuest is a highly effective organization that delivers on its commitments.”

    Former VP Manufacturing
    Tyco Healthcare
    Former VP Manufacturing <br> Tyco Healthcare
  • “If you want to become a more effective leader and you are, 1) prepared to be a little uncomfortable and 2) open to change, ExecuQuest and Jaime will help you achieve your objectives. Jaime combines rich assessment tools with outstanding coaching skills and a big heart to help you become the best you can be. Jaime significantly changed both my personal and professional life. He helped me truly understand how I am perceived by others and showed me how to change behaviors to be seen and understood the way I want be seen — the “real" me. It’s empowering how much more effective I am when people know me better.

    Jaime has a very unique coaching style where he really holds you accountable but in a very compassionate way. He genuinely wants to help you grow as a leader but at the same time, follows up and gets you to the place you need to be. Our team building experience significantly improved the team’s effectiveness by 1) better understanding what we needed from each other and how to provide that; 2) better understanding of each other’s strengths and opportunities; and 3) getting to know each other on a different level and from a different perspective. The team building exercises helped us discover our opportunities and develop a plan to work better together. The process also included individual assessments creating deeper self-awareness and personal development for each member of the team.”

    Laurie Burns, Former President
    Bahama Breeze, Darden Restaurants
    Laurie  Burns, Former President <br> Bahama Breeze, Darden Restaurants