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People and Process Performance

ExecuQuest’s People and Process Performance service integrates those areas where a client’s people and processes align to produce the required business results.

Process Effectiveness
The design and implementation of business processes to produce the desired results in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, or ease of operation must often include development around the organization’s business requirements—as well as constraints—such as information systems, regulatory practices, equipment, etc. ExecuQuest’s knowledgeable and highly qualified consultants with extensive experience across a variety of industries will help clients to:

  • Analyze current processes and understand business requirements.
  • Develop processes based on business requirements and leading practices.
  • Implement developed business processes—by working closely with client’s key personnel, not only do processes improve but the organization gains experience in developing its own processes to support continuous improvement.
  • Train staff to effectively implement and utilize the new processes.
Organizational Structure Consultation
We work closely with clients to align their organization’s structure to support the business processes, information flow, and division of authorities which will allow them to gain improved effectiveness and agility. As with process improvement, there is often not a single, best answer for all organizations in a particular industry. The unique requirements and capabilities, along with the organization’s maturity and adaptability as well as a deep understanding of industry-leading practices, must all be considered in developing and implementing an organizational structure. ExecuQuest works closely with an organization to plan and implement the new structure, define the roles and requirements, and see a client through the transition.

Human Capital Management
ExecuQuest‘s senior consultants and advisors are often experienced Human Resources executives with extensive knowledge in all aspects of human capital management, including:

  • HR Strategy Development.
  • Staffing and selection, including onboarding and integration of new members.
  • Performance planning, coaching, and management.
  • Compensation and total rewards.
  • Succession planning and career pathing to support long-term staff success and employee development.
  • Training and Organization Development.
  • Employee satisfaction.

The ExecuQuest team combines HR expertise with coaching, leadership, and team development to ensure clients effectively deliver on their promise to their employees and key stakeholders.

Change Leadership and Management
The previous two phases as well as the introduction of new strategies, systems, mergers and acquisitions, and many other areas all involve the successful introduction of change to the organization. ExecuQuest has developed its services around Change Leadership and Management and its highly experienced senior change management consultants work closely with an organization’s leadership, their change initiative team, and often Human Resources to successfully implement selected changes to the organization. To do this successfully, ExecuQuest partners closely with an organization to:

  • Understand its change history and implications as well as expected business results.
  • Define change impacts and implications by group.
  • Stakeholder analysis, issue identification, and management.
  • Develop/supplement appropriate change leadership skills.
  • Define communications requirements—program and execute as needed.
  • Develop necessary training to enable smoothest possible transition.
  • Work closely with client organization and its management to deliver the expected results.