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Mission and Methodology

ExecuQuest believes that leaders are an organization’s most valuable asset. Organizations must develop these key individuals in order to successfully meet the challenges that it faces in a continuously turbulent environment. Our mission is to help organizational leaders become more effective as individuals, in teams, and as parts of a working organization.

The core of ExecuQuest’s success is helping individuals, teams, and organizations attain alignment and a level of commitment in order to achieve excellence. Our basic operating beliefs are:

  • There is no one universal model or process that explains the complexity of human interactions and dynamics.
  • Partnering in success with customers and vendors is fundamental for the organization to exceed expectations.
  • Organizations must establish a benchmark for certain key competencies and remeasure or monitor progress.
  • Long-term success in organizations is achieved through commitment.
  • Committed employees feel informed, resourceful, and accountable for the success of the organization.
  • The role of leadership is one of facilitating commitment from organizational members.

ExecuQuest produces measurable results in individual, team, and organizational performance. Our methodology is straightforward:

  • We fully assess your organization’s needs prior to the developmental experience.
  • We focus on the change process and agree on how success will be measured.
  • We design tailor-made processes, programs, and organizational changes that take into account your organization’s culture, norms, and standards of performance.
  • We employ state-of-the-art learning and behavioral change methodologies to achieve incremental growth.
  • We utilize highly skilled and experienced ExecuQuest professionals to provide consulting, training, coaching, and support.
  • We follow up after the change process is completed to ensure that the change is sustainable and evolving.