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LSI / LIFO / Social Style

Our interpersonal instruments portfolio (LSI/LIFO/Social Style) help individuals identify their patterns or style of interaction with others. They provide important information regarding the impact that a given style or orientation may have on colleagues and co-workers both from a strength and/or liability perspective. Understanding these interpersonal styles within a group provides the foundation to build effective teams.

Life Styles Inventory™
The Life Styles Inventory™ uses a combination of respected psychological and managerial theories to help individuals identify their beliefs, values, behaviors, and assumptions. Measuring 12 specific styles or patterns, the LSI provides insightful information on thinking and behavioral styles that can be used for self discovery, self monitoring, and self development.

“Know Thyself” (Socrates). LSI helps people to get to know themselves. It provides feedback on patterns of thinking that are constructive and productive as well as those that are defensive and counter-productive. Guided by this feedback, the individual can improve upon what is good and work to change what could be better. The results—improved individual well being and enhanced performance.
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The LIFO® Survey helps people to understand their behavioral preferences and achieve more effective and empathic communication personally as well as within and across groups. LIFO® key principles are based upon sound behavioral science theory designed to enhance performance by enabling individuals to make the most of their own strengths and to understand and appreciate the strengths of others, whether operating in favorable or unfavorable conditions. The LIFO® method has been used for over thirty years in 56 countries and territories around the world and in 24 different languages. To date, over nine million people in 20,000 organizations have used the LIFO® Method and LIFO® Training worldwide.
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Social Style®
The Social Style Model has been researched for over 40 years and is the world’s most effective interpersonal effectiveness model. The model has been validated for both accuracy and reliability and undergoes ongoing refinement and enhancement. It is easy to understand and apply which means individuals and organizations can quickly improve productivity simply by understanding the four Social Styles: Driving, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical. In fact, recent independent research found Social Style more effective than Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC.
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