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Executive Assessments

The acquisition, retention, and development of highly talented executives is core to the sustainable success of any enterprise. It is essential to acquire executive talent who possess the versatility to enter an organization and effectively be able to integrate into the current culture, practices, business models, and organizational leadership style without losing the foresight of a future state that will always require changes in the aforementioned elements in order for it to prosper and grow.

Our Executive Assessment service is a very effective process that helps an organization assess the competencies, natural tendencies, values, and motivations of a senior executive candidate in order to help select the best candidate for the right position. We offer our services at your or your candidate’s location as well as in our offices in Southern California— wherever it is most convenient for your company and your candidate.

To learn more about Executive Assessments, please take a moment to watch the following short video.

The Process

  • The ExecuQuest consultant becomes acquainted with the hiring organization’s culture, history, business vision, business model, market position, products and/or services, challenges, the senior executive team, the leadership style of the company, and the competency model, if available, which the organization uses to assess and promote talent.
  • The ExecuQuest consultant receives the Role/Job Description from the client which identifies core competencies, tendencies, and traits required for the candidate to succeed in the position. For senior level assessments, it is highly recommended that the ExecuQuest consultant has a one-on-one meeting with the hiring executive to gauge his or her style as well as performance expectations for the candidate.
  • Candidates will be required to complete three or four psychometric tests and, on occasion and when deemed appropriate, they will also participate in an “in basket” exercise to complement the assessment process. Psychometric tests include the Caliper Profile, the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, and the Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI).
  • Candidates will have an approximate three-hour, one-on-one, pre-hire assessment interview with the ExecuQuest consultant.
  • The ExecuQuest consultant will first provide a verbal debrief to the hiring executive followed by a confidential, comprehensive written assessment report that is designed to assist the client in determining the overall fit of the candidate. The report addresses the following criteria: Background, Intellectual Characteristics and Problem Solving, Personal Dynamics and Adjustment Style, Personal Organization and Time Management, and Leadership. Also included in the report is a graphical representation of the candidate’s test scores.
  • The ExecuQuest consultant is available for follow up to assess the performance quality of the selected candidate and, if desired, provide further coaching services.