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ExecuSurv Solutions

ExecuQuest is also the parent company of ExecuSurv — the online survey and real-time gathering data and analysis specialists.

ExecuSurv is an organization with the right people and the right technology — in the right place. Built on thirty years of experience, ExecuSurv helps organizations solve business issues and improve productivity related to human resource management, organization development, and customer satisfaction. ExecuSurv was founded by a group of HR/OD consultants who recognized the advantages of using Internet technology and, together, this group of professionals set the stage for the emergence of a unique and powerful Web-based survey tool.

ExecuSurv combines its survey-consulting expertise with state-of-the-art Internet technology to gather and analyze your data quickly, and with more proficiency and accuracy, while being more cost effective than other survey companies. Behind our technology is a seasoned team of dedicated professionals who are highly experienced in deploying surveys for companies of all types and sizes. They are available to assist you in customizing your online survey and survey process so that you receive precisely the information you require to make informed and actionable business decisions.

Companies that we have worked with are from countries all over the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, and Spain, and they range from a vast array of industries such as Biotechnology, Consulting, Consumer Products, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food Service, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

ExecuSurv’s surveys come in a variety of “flavors” and in all cases, we can either deploy an existing survey that your company may have or work with you to develop a survey from scratch. Our proprietary technology enables companies to deploy Custom Applications, Performance Evaluations, and a number of different customized surveys, including 360 Feedback Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Employee Exit Survey, Employee Opinion Survey, and Stock Survey.

Surveying has been the cornerstone of our business and long before the popularity of the Internet, we were deploying surveys for human resource management, organizational development, and customer service improvement. Surveying can be somewhat of a tricky business and most companies require a helping hand. From instrument design to data interpretation, ExecuSurv can provide as much, or as little, help as you need. We can manage the entire assessment process from survey development and deployment to data analysis and interpretation. Ultimately, our goal is to create real and measurable value for our clients by providing them “best practice” consulting services combined with the leading Internet-based survey technology. As the only true survey consulting and technology firm, ExecuSurv strives to partner with its clients to deploy powerful survey technology that enables them to emerge as stronger, healthier companies.

Our FAQ page is designed to provide you with a better understanding of our online surveys. To read, please click here.
A big part of our success to date is placing our technology in the hands of consulting organizations. We are very content working behind the scenes, providing you with a powerful “tool” that your clientele will value. Broadly speaking, we partner with human resources/organizational development consultants, and executive coaching/training organizations in the following ways:

  • ExecuSurv can develop standard surveys that are unique and proprietary to your business. You can then provide these surveys to different companies with whom you work in a very cost-effective way.
  • ExecuSurv can work behind the scenes to support you by developing and deploying fully customized online surveys specific to the needs of a given client.

In both instances, our solutions are not only a great technique for your organization to deliver value to your clientele, but they can also create a new source of revenue for your firm. We share with our partners the revenue generated by the implementation of our online survey solutions. Furthermore, without fail, the companies that we have partnered with in the past have discovered that ExecuSurv’s online survey technology not only helped energize business relationships with their existing clientele, but it also helped them immensely in acquiring new clients.

Behind our technology is a seasoned team of dedicated professionals with experience deploying surveys for companies of all shapes and sizes. To read a summary of the features, benefits, and, ultimately, the value underlying our products, please click here
Want to see a demo of our survey products? Please call our toll-free number 866-2-SURVEY (866-278-7839) or contact us via email to obtain your access code and password. Then, just click on one of the survey links below.