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Jaime Jusidman Founder/President

Jaime JusidmanIn the course of his 35-year career in organization development, corporate management, and executive leadership development, Jaime has consulted with hundreds of companies across a variety of industries including retail, food service, technology, healthcare, and telecommunications. During this time span, he has trained and coached over 10,000 managers, executives, and top team members from many of the largest firms in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well as in Central and South America. His Executive Coaching and Development process has had a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of the executives with whom he has worked.

During his career, Jaime has also designed and implemented a number of assessment center initiatives for companies including General Motors de México, Verizon, Pinkertons (currently Securitas USA), Motorola de México, and Exxon Mobil Latin America. His corporate experience was established through his internal consulting roles with American Hospital Supply (Baxter International) and Rainbird Corporation. In 1979, Jaime founded ExecuQuest, a highly successful consulting practice that focuses on executive coaching and organization development. He has provided coaching services to senior executives from Baxter International, Campbell Soup Company, Caribou Coffee, Disney, E & J Gallo Winery, ING North America, Los Angeles Times, Panera Bread, PetSmart, The TJX Companies, Tyco International, YUM! Brands (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell), and the Mexican Government.

Jaime has taught Organizational Behavior courses at the National University of Mexico, the Institute of Technology in Monterey (Harvard University affiliate in Mexico), UCLA, and the University of California-Irvine. He holds a Master of Science degree and a PhD. degree in Studies in Organizational Behavior from the University of California-Irvine and UCLA. His professional affiliations include the Organization Development Network, American Society for Training and Development, and the NTL Institute.

In addition to his work with ExecuQuest, Jaime is also the President and Co-Founder of ExecuSurv, the leading provider of online data gathering and analysis tools for human resources and organizational development. ExecuSurv combines its survey consulting expertise with state-of-the-art Internet technology to gather and analyze data quickly with more proficiency and accuracy while being more cost-effective than other survey technologies.

Our Senior Consultants

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown

    Bob has served as a consultant and senior executive for over thirty years in a variety of industries providing extensive experience as a management consultant in the areas of personal and organizational performance improvement, executive coaching, change management, team development and effectiveness, organization and leadership development, process re-engineering, and human resources management. Working in the technology, manufacturing, health care, entertainment, and financial services industries, Bob has been instrumental in assisting numerous clients, including Applied Materials, HP, SGI, Disney, Capitol Industries, Union Bank, Blue Cross, and Health Net, from strategy development, through assessment and implementation of selected changes, to the realization of expected benefits.

    In these capacities, Bob has performed key roles in the consolidation and restructuring of several organizations, the development of combined system / process / organization improvement projects, the integration of newly acquired units and executives, the divestitures of selected business units to achieve strategic and operational targets, and the improvement of organizational culture, individual, and team behaviors in support of achieving strategic advantage.

    His years of experience as a successful corporate executive and consultant have given Bob insights into the practical world of making organizations perform better and produce improved results through carefully selected and executed change initiatives. As a result, Bob has developed an excellent reputation for developing pragmatic solutions and methods for implementing these changes. Bob was a Director and Practice Unit Lead of the Organization and Change Strategy consulting practice within PricewaterhouseCoopers, and served as the North American Lead on its global steering committee to develop its Organization and Change Strategy curriculum and methodology. He has also been Dean of the graduate student program at the National Training Laboratories, an adjunct professor of the Master’s program at Antioch University, and has authored a number of papers, including “Predicting and Dealing with Resistance to a Business Change.”

    Bob received his MBA and MS degrees from the University of Southern California, and his B.A. is from the University of California at Los Angeles. He has held management positions with Sony, Ashton-Tate, Capitol Industries, Blue Cross, and CMG. Bob’s professional affiliations include National Training Laboratories Institute, American Society for Training and Development, the Organization Development Network, the Center for Applied Behavioral Science, and the Western Behavioral Science Institute.

  • Trudi Ferguson
    Trudi Ferguson

    Trudi has served as a consultant to a wide variety of public and private organizations. Her expertise includes organizational change and effectiveness, diagnosis, problem solving, strategic planning, diversity, executive coaching, career strategy, virtual teams, gender issues, and generic communications. Major clients that Trudi has worked with include Burson-Marsteller Technology Practice, County of Baltimore, McKesson Water Products, City of Los Angeles, U.S. Army Ground Warfare Division, City of Pasadena, Avery Dennison, Arthur Anderson, USC Film School, Pepperdine University, and the City of Hope. She has consulted on hiring and retaining women for many organizations such as Sur La Table, Campbell Soup, and the LAPD, and she previously worked internally at Xerox as Manager of Organizational Development.

    Trudi received her doctorate in Behavioral Science from UCLA Anderson’s School of Business. She is the author of two books, “Answers to the Mommy Track” and “Blue Collar Women,” and is an expert in the successful integration of women and diversity into organizational life. She is a respected commentator on radio and television, and a frequent keynote speaker.

    Among her wide-ranging professional affiliations, she has been President of the Center for Applied Behavioral Science, a member and past Dean of the National Training Laboratories Institute, a member of the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, and a Director with LA’s BEST. Since 1986, Trudi has taught at USC Marshall School of Business. Additionally, she has served as adjunct professor at Stanford University, UCLA, Antioch, and Loyola.

Our Associate Consultants

  • Mitch Glick
    Mitch Glick

    Mitch’s experience includes delivering leadership strategies and providing executive coaching, team development, and team facilitation. As a passionate change agent working with individuals, teams, and organizations, Mitch identifies motivational factors through values assessment, objective data, and building trust. He is highly skilled at examining operations, processes, and procedures to craft actionable, data-driven improvement strategies, and he utilizes an empathetic perspective to formulate thoughtful, solution-oriented outcomes to organizational challenges.

    Mitch has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as government organizations and start-ups across a range of industries. In his capacity as an executive and organizational consultant, Mitch has provided coaching services to young, high-potential professionals in career transition as well as facilitated employee assessments. He has worked with organizations to develop effective leadership and communication plans, and he has advised on human resources issues including onboarding, succession planning, and career development. During his predoctoral residency in clinical psychology for a nonprofit entity in Orange County, California, Mitch led clinic-wide organizational change initiatives and worked closely with management to streamline workflow processes and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks. He also implemented a psychological assessment screening program and provided consultation and interpretation of psychometric test data and research. Early in his career, as a film producer, Mitch successfully recruited, led, and managed cross-functional production teams, cultivated and managed client relationships, and served as a consultant to entertainment companies in the areas of branding and storytelling. In addition to his involvement in the production of numerous award-winning independent films, Mitch drove the sale and development of a multimillion dollar feature film to 20th Century Fox.

    Mitch received his master’s and doctorate degree from the California School of Professional Psychology, and is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Division of Consulting Psychology. He is the Chair-Elect of the Division of Industrial/Organizational Psychology of the California Psychological Association and has served on their Government Affairs Committee. Mitch has authored and presented research at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., and he has acted as a Consultant/Advisor for the Parents Education Network.

  • Rick Gilbert
    Rick Gilbert

    As the leader of Hire Vision Enterprises, a leadership development consulting practice that specializes in executive recruitment and career coaching, Rick enjoys working with inspired business leaders to align their people, their purpose, and their process. He develops collaborative relationships with clients to deliver top talent and streamline the hiring process, and he has a passion for providing practical solutions to the most difficult problems. Rick brings a results-oriented, bottom-line, innovative approach that enables a client to tap into the hidden potential of their organization.

    Rick works with leaders and their teams to recognize and break through their existing paradigms in order to solve those persistent problems that erode an organization’s profitability and morale. He was a Professional Development specialist for Kaiser Permanente and has held positions of leadership in both large and small organizations including Vice President of Human Resources and Director of Training and Management Development for Pinkertons. He loves facilitating strategic planning, management development, and process improvement projects, and he especially excels at helping organizations understand their strengths and how to build on them.

    Rick graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and earned a Master of Public Policy Analysis and Administration degree from Loyola Marymount University. He is the author of “Why Integrity Matters” and “The Serious Business Owner’s Guide to Creating Loyal Customers for Life.”

  • Julie Shen
    Julie Shen

    Julie has brought her passion and expertise to a myriad of industries with stellar results. She began her career as a coach and trainer in the high-tech world working with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Sony, and Siemens. For Sun, as a communication and presentation coach, Julie created a training program to help engineers develop and deliver their message for the annual Java Developers Conference. For Siemens, she created a program to help sales professionals convey their message on how to be the most effective and persuasive—the program became a mandatory part of the sales curriculum.

    Other high profile clients that Julie has worked with in a professional coaching capacity include Universal Studios, Disney, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, GSK, and Allergan. Julie is passionate about helping people to reach their potential and learn tools to achieve their ultimate goals. Her direct style and humor bring bottom line results and she is held in high regard by her clients. She is described as a person who, “has a unique ability to keep the message simple and in a style that is most natural,” “is gifted in her use of diplomacy and sensitivity with the ability to put people at ease,” and “very effective in developing people’s skill level and integrating stronger communication skills into their usual work patterns and very committed to the success of the individual and the organization.”

    Julie earned a B.A. degree in Psychology from CSUF and is certified on the Scotwork Negotiation program. She has been a speaker for the Ritz Carlton Learning Institute and has created dozens of Sales/Leadership and Training presentations not only for Ritz Carlton Hotels but for the Children’s Hospital of St. Louis, Four Seasons Hotels, Inc., and the Avis/Budget Group. Julie served on the AIPAC National Committee and has extensive lobbying experience on both the local level and on Capitol Hill. She previously held the positions of Chair and Co-Chair for AIPAC-Orange County from 2004 to 2008.