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Hiring Executives

Why Perform a Pre-hire Assessment for Senior Leaders?

Hiring Executives

pre-hire assessment, executive hiring, senior leader assessmentsA pre-hire assessment is a great tool for companies to use when hiring senior leaders—such as candidates for C-level positions or for those positions just under them in the organization, like directors and senior managers. These assessments, performed by an unbiased third party, can provide incredible insight for the hiring manager as well as for the decision makers in the hiring process.

The assessment can show what the candidate’s personality is, how they work with others, and what style of leader they are. The assessment is also an invaluable tool for determining whether the candidate’s core values match up with the role for which they are applying and can help point to areas where the candidate might need development to reach their full potential in that role.

I have performed countless pre-hire assessments and what I have found is that companies generally use them in two different ways at two different points in the interview process—either before the bulk of the interviewing or after the interviewing and prior to hiring the candidate—and, there is intrinsic value in using the assessment at either of these two points. Read More

How to Hire Executives

Hiring Executives, Team Building

executive interview, hiring executives, execuquestHiring top-level people and bringing them into your organization can be a difficult process. I have experienced how difficult this can be for organizations during the times they have hired me to assist in hiring their talent.

Often, I have found that the hiring manager or team simply enjoys having a conversation with the candidate when they interview them. The problem with that is that a candidate has about 1.5 hours that is all rehearsed conversation. Whether intentional or not, top-level candidates are very rehearsed and polished in interviews and create a level of comfort through conversation. However, that comfort often sways people. Because of this, companies end up hiring the person they like. And the person that they like is the person that knows that they have to sell himself or herself in the first 45 minutes to an hour of the interview. Read More