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360 Surveys
Leadership & Team Insight

Leadership 360
The Leadership 360 evaluates the key personal characteristics of the most successful and effective leaders in today’s organizations. Ego Balance, the core of the model, is essential for effective leadership of others because it is based on a realistic self-assessment of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Good Ego Balance is the basis of self respect and respect for others. The other leadership competencies measured in this 360 are Envision (see opportunities and possibilities of what could be), Enroll (get others to personally commit to a vision), Engage (interact with others on a personal level), Encourage (create an environment where each member of the team grows and develops), and Empower (provide others with information and resources and hold them accountable for their accomplishments or failures). Combined, these competencies comprise a process designed to promote effective leadership.
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Team Insight 360
The Team Insight 360 is an assessment tool that provides a picture of how a given work unit is perceived by the different constituencies that impact its success. It gives a framework for team development and continual improvement of the group’s effectiveness within the context of the organization. Clarity/Alignment relates to the definition, clarity, and agreement of vision, goals, and roles of the team, the individuals within the team, and the team’s fit/consistency with those expected by other teams/departments/functions within the organization. Competency and Process measure the ability of the team to meet its goals and fulfill its role, both in terms of functional know-how/skills and operational processes. Communication, Decision-Making, and Trust measure the internal dynamic of the team from the team members’ perspectives as well as from other teams/departments/functions who witness that dynamic. Leadership assesses both the formal and informal leadership demonstrated by the various team members, including the official team leader (manager) as seen by other segments of the organization. Context/Environment addresses how the team/department role and performance are understood and valued by the greater organization and how it fits with its culture and overall expectations.
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